The Touch Of The Holy Spirit


In December 2009 we were in Poland. Three meetings took place in Gdansk Pentecostal church; first to the whole congregation and then to the youth. Evang. Eduje Umukoro preached about the love of God, and further explained how God’s love is absolute towards us irrespective of our sin, guilt and condemnations. God is willing to forgive, heal and deliver us. He wants each of us to fulfill His plans because He is displaying His greatness through us. 

Many responded to the simple message of God’s love, and made a commitment to surrender and rededicate their lives to the Lord. The meetings took on a new height as Eduje Umukoro operated in the gift of the word of knowledge by the leading of the Holy Spirit. It became clear that God was visiting His people again.There was great response to the words of knowledge and God confirmed these revelations with signs and wonders, salvations and healings. We witnessed an incredible time in Poland and are so honored to be used as instruments in His hands. To God be all the glory!

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