Release Of Destinies

Release of Destinies

We are in the most incredible time in the history of the world as doors to the nations are tremendously wide open to the gospel of the kingdom. Yeas ago Evangelist Eduje returned from his first ministry tour to Canada. He visited different churches within Ontario, where he preached and ministered to the needs of God’s people. On March 6th 2011, he was hosted at Victory Assembly International church located in Toronto. 

As the worship proceeded a new height of the presence of the Holy Spirit filled the atmosphere. The congregation became expectant, hungry and open for the revelation of the word. Evangelist. Eduje sensed the urgent need for the people to develop a deeper intimacy with God hence, he focused his message on intimacy with Jesus Christ. And that intimacy can be reached when one develops a conscious effort to knowing Him within the page of the scriptures, by the revelation of the Holy Spirit and gladly committing to His kingdom work. 

The presence of the Holy Spirit swept through the congregation, many rededicated their lives to the Lord, the sick were healed and broken hearts were liberated. It was indeed a moment of divine visitation and no doubt we know that the destiny of many have been eternally.

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