Eduje Umukoro

Eduje Umukoro has worked as an evangelist for over a decade and has seen many lives saved, healed and delivered across Africa, Europe and North America.

Eduje received a revelation from God about an upcoming revival beginning from Canada and spanning throughout North America and the world at large. In this revelation, there were many being saved, healed and delivered by the thousands. People from every tribe and tongue were turning from their own ways and accepting the way of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

God has sent him in to travel to the nations to demonstrate the simplicity of the gospel. Equip believers, releasing destinies, healing the sick, winning the lost  and raising new generation of kingdom financiers. 
  • Burning passion


    After many years of ministering the word around the world. Evangelist Eduje is still determine to see many lives change and transform

  • Revival Outpouring


    The desire of Evangelist Eduje is to see all sickness healed and prophetic destiny of many released.

  • Build and sent


    Through our mentorship program many are adequately train in the world and the effectiveness of the prayers.


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Winning the Lost
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Healing the Sick
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Blessings & Prosperity